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 Thursday, June 20th
Durango & Silverton Summer Train
8:00am / Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
Embark on an Incredible Journey Through the San Juan Mountains For a truly unforgettable step back in time, enjoy a leisurely trip to yesteryear riding 3 1/2 hours each way on this train while spending a nearly 2 hour layover in the historic mining town of Silverton to enjoy the sights, shopping, food, and libations that Silverton offers. We've been in continuous operation running trains on this 45-mile branch of the original Denver & Rio Grande Railway since 1882. Much of the scenery remains unchanged since those historic days. Soak in the views, listen as the steam whistle echoes through the canyon, hear the vintage locomotive work to pull the train up the grades. If you long to unwind and enjoy Colorado nature at its finest, this is the trip for you.   More About This Excursion  Departing from the Durango Depot, this unforgettable trip takes you up into the Rocky Mountains with views of the San Juan National Forest as you travel alongside the beautiful Animas River on your way to the historic mining town of Silverton.   There will be up to two steam departures depending on the date. The Silverton Steam Train departs daily at 9:00AM 5/4/24-10/26/24 and 9:45 AM 8/30/24-10/12/24.   Diesel Excursions run 5/21/24-10/12/24. The Silverton Diesel Train departs at 8:15AM daily.   On all of these train excursions, you will experience the iconic Horseshoe Curve, High Bridge and all of the Animas River Gorge including all of the spectacular views from the High Line. These trains include a concession car with a variety of snacks and drinks available for purchase. Click here to see the concession menu.   Skyway Tour (bus/train or train/bus) service options are available for the 2024 Silverton summer season excursions.   There will be two bus departures available daily beginning May 21, 2024 running through October 12, 2024.   The first deluxe motor coach departs Durango at 9:30am and arrives at Silverton at 11:00am. It then departs from Silverton at 2:45pm and arrives in Durango at 4:15pm.   The second deluxe motor coach departs from Durango at 10:15am and arrives in Silverton at 11:45am. It departs from Silverton at 2:45pm and arrives in Durango at 4:15pm.   The bus service is available 7 days a week May 21 through October 12th. (no bus service on May 25)
Cascade Canyon Express
9:30am / Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
Cascade Canyon Express steam excursions depart from our Durango Depot (479 Main Avenue) at 9:45am and the excursion will last 5.25 hours arriving back at the Durango Depot at 3:00pm. The Cascade Canyon Express does not travel to Silverton. It does follow the same route but travels to Cascade Canyon, which is about a halfway point between Durango and Silverton. If you would like to travel to Silverton, please see our Silverton Train information to book one of those excursions.   Experience the world-famous Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad's iconic canyon views along the highline in just over 5 hours. If you are looking for an unforgettable train adventure with incredible geological features and fantastic scenery that is downright jaw-dropping, look no further than these steam train excursions departing from the Durango Depot and traveling deep into the wilderness inaccessible by any roads. All trains have a concession car with a variety of light snacks available for purchase.
Tea & Tinsel Thursdays
12:00pm / Durango Sustainable Goods
Join us every Thursday at Durango Sustainable Goods for "Tea and Tinsel Thursdays." It's a weekly thing where we hang out, have tea, and watch Shaheen do her magic. Shaheen makes hair look like a shimmering work of art. Come by Durango Sustainable Goods every Thursday to chill, get some sparkle, and a cool new look.
Art Lectures with Bindu: Opening up a new understanding of art
4:00pm / Create Art and Tea
Embark on a captivating journey through the vast and intricate world of art with our series of engaging lectures. From the timeless wonders of ancient art to unraveling the genius of the masters, each session promises to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the artistic journey across centuries.   Delve into the enigmatic realms of Abstract Art and Surrealism, where imagination knows no bounds and every brushstroke tells a story. Explore the language of color, unlocking its power to evoke emotions and transcend boundaries.   Through insightful analyses and heartfelt appreciation, we'll navigate the depths of artistic expression, decoding the hidden meanings and celebrating the beauty that lies within. Join us as we unravel the mysteries, ignite creativity, and embark on an unforgettable voyage of artistic discovery.   Donations are Welcome   About Bindu  My journey has taken me from the picturesque tea plantations of India to the vibrant world of international education, eventually leading me to the charming city of Durango, where I have found my home. Growing up in India, amidst the lush greenery and captivating landscapes of the tea plantations, I developed a deep appreciation for nature's beauty and an innate sense of creativity. After completing my education, I ventured into the field of international education, seeking to broaden my horizons and make a positive impact on the lives of young learners. This path took me to various countries, including the Philippines and Indonesia, where I had the privilege of working as an educator and connecting with diverse communities. Through teaching, I discovered the transformative power of art and its ability to foster self-expression, cross-cultural understanding, and personal growth.   Driven by my passion for art and its potential to heal and inspire, I pursued further studies in art therapy, equipping myself with the knowledge and skills to guide others on their own creative journeys. As an artist, art educator, and art therapist, I have been fortunate to witness the transformative effects of art in the lives of individuals and communities, helping them find solace, self-discovery, and empowerment. In Durango, I found a place to call home, where I have established my studio at the Smiley Building—a space that nurtures my artistic spirit and allows me to create and explore freely. It is within these walls that I embark on my own creative journey, experimenting with various mediums, techniques, and concepts, and translating my experiences and emotions into visual expressions.   Volunteering in the community has been an integral part of my life, providing me with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Through my involvement, I have had the privilege of connecting with like-minded individuals, forming lifelong friendships, and contributing to the well-being of the community that has embraced me.
Bar D Chuckwagon Suppers
4:30pm / Bar D Chuckwagon Suppers
Old West Cowboy Music Show and Chuckwagon Supper. Durango's favorite family entertainment since 1969. Bar D Wranglers perform in concert after supper with music and songs of old west cowboys, comedy, and lively instrumentals. The show is fun for the whole family.   Activities, shops, and ticketing open at 4:30, supper is at 6:30. Open Memorial Day Weekend through the last Saturday in September - Rain or Shine!   Reservations are required.
Ska-BQ: Tyler Reed Smith
5:00pm / Ska Brewing World HQ
Join us for Ska-BQ and live music from Tyler Reed Smith on the outside stage. Beer & Food Specials!
Pete Giuliani & Guy Ewing
5:30pm / James Ranch Grill
Durango-based duo with guitarist, singer, and songwriter who brings their love of Rock, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, and World Music to the stage
DPL Book Club: One Long River of Song
5:30pm / Durango Public Library
From a "born storyteller" ( Seattle Times ), this playful and moving bestselling book of essays invites us into the miraculous and transcendent moments of everyday life.    Join us in the reading room for a DPL Book Club!    This month: One Long River of Song by Brian Doyle   When Brian Doyle passed away at the age of sixty after a bout with brain cancer, he left behind a cult-like following of devoted readers who regard his writing as one of the best-kept secrets of the twenty-first century. Doyle writes with a delightful sense of wonder about the sanctity of everyday things, and about love and connection in all their spiritual love, brotherly love, romantic love, and even the love of a nine-foot sturgeon.   Seating is limited, register online.
Concert Hall @ The Park presents Leon Timbo and His Family Band
5:30pm / Buckley Park
Country-soul singer-songwriter Leon Timbo sees music as more than just a creative outlet or performance duty—it's a journey of personal growth and healing. Raised by pastors in Jacksonville, FL, music has been intertwined with his life since childhood, serving to express spiritual experiences. Starting to sing at sixteen and picking up the guitar at twenty, Timbo draws inspiration from greats like Bill Withers, James Taylor, and Tim Miner. His music blends vintage soul, gospel, folk, R&B, and modern blues, creating a distinctive style often dubbed "transparent soul." Currently, Timbo is actively touring to promote his latest music, having recently completed a successful stint with Grammy-winning bassist Marcus Miller at Blue Note New York. He plans to continue touring with Miller and The Black Opry and perform at notable summer festivals like the American Roots Festival and Newport Folk Festival.   Picnics, blankets, and lawn chairs are encouraged and Fired Up Pizzeria and Grassburger will offer a selection of food and beverages throughout the evening.
Poetry Open Mic Night
6:00pm / Durango Sustainable Goods
Calling all poets & writers! Sustainable Goods is delighted to host the High Desert Garden Open Mic Night! $5 donation appreciated.
Jeff Solon Jazz
6:00pm / Lola's Place
Come enjoy some great jazz! Jeff plays from the great composers plus bossa nova, boogie boogie, blues, and originals.
Bluegrass Jam Session
6:00pm / Durango Beer & Ice Company
Every Thursday Stop in and enjoy some local Bluegrass jams by your Local bluegrass jammers.  $4 pints all day and if you would like to join the jam session and bring your instrument you get a free pint of your favorite craft beer.
Trivia Night Outside on the Plaza
6:30pm / The Powerhouse
Join us every Thursday through the summer for trivia night outside on the Carver Family Plaza. Five rounds of questions always including a science round and music round. Teams of 5 eligible for prizes, food and drinks available for purchase. $5 suggested team donation. Food available from Laura's Artisans and drinks available from The Powerhouse bar.
Painting Party ~ Moonlit Trees
6:30pm / Picasso & Vino
Join us for the newest experience in Durango! Come celebrate with us while tapping into your inner artist. We'll show you step by step how to create your masterpiece.   No Experience Necessary.   Paint. Sip. Be Happy.
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