Events on this Day

 Sunday, September 13th
Durango Flea Market
8:00am / La Plata County Fair Grounds
The Durango Flea Market is the place to be and shop on Sunday for a wide range of second hand items from funky to functional. Free admission and parking.
Pops Night Online Auction
8:00am / Music in the Mountains
Be sure to bid on our online auction to support Music in the Mountains and help us continue to bring beautiful music to our region.   Auction runs until 8pm on Sept 24!   Check it out here!
2-Day Artist Workshop with Maura Allen
9:00am / Sorrel Sky Gallery
"Serigraph Splendor: Explore the Wonders of Screenprinting"   “How the real and imagined collide and coincide is the center of my work.” - Maura Allen   Explore the many facets of printmaking and screen printing. See how everyday elements—both current and historic—can serve as the building blocks for a high impact visual experience. Starting with an initial concept, we’ll dive into the use of color, pattern, and images to create a unique visual narrative. This class is open to artists of all ability levels
Colorado State Budget Town Hall
4:00pm / Remote
On September 13th at 4 p.m. on Facebook Live, Representatives Barbara McLachlan and Julie McCluskie will hold a joint virtual town hall to elaborate on how the Colorado state budget has been affected, the bills they have passed since COVID-19 hit Colorado, the bills they plan on passing this session, and their hopes for the future of the State's budget. These 2 make up a third of the prestigious Joint Budget Committee, you won’t want to miss the insight of these experts!    You can join in with your questions and concerns at!
Apollo 14 Speaker Series: Stuart Roosa and the Moon Trees
4:30pm / The Powerhouse
Join The Powerhouse virtually for the first of a nine part space-themed lecture series on Sunday September 13th from 4:30pm-5:30pm. Speaker Rosemary Roosa will be talking about her father's role in the Apollo 14 moon mission, and his contributions in the Forest Service "moon tree" research project.   Tune in to @powscicenter facebook live stream. Q & A session following the event.
Blue Moon Ramblers
5:30pm / The Diamond Belle
Come enjoy the Blue Moon Ramblers as we have on Sundays for over 30 years. Swing open the saloon doors and join us!
Durango Drive In Movie - The Karate Kid
8:00pm / D&SNGR Parking lot
Downtown Durango's newest event is the Durango Drive In! Movies will be shown over four consecutive weekends on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad parking lot. When was the last time you had dinner and a movie with your family, friends or loved ones? Well now you can, and can do so safely.   What you get   Tickets are sold for a vehicle or a pair of motorcycles. 100 vehicles will be allowed at each movie. Ticket prices are on the website.   Each admission includes:  1 vehicle with up to 6 passengers or 2 motorcycles up to 4 passengers  1 Movie Snack Pack* distributed to each vehicle or pair of motorcycles upon entry  *Movie Snack Pack includes:  A bag of popcorn  a theater size of Peanut Butter M&M’s  7oz Twizzlers, and  two 20oz Coke products (choice of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite or Dasani).   Additional items will be available for purchase online or cashless payment on-site including candy, popcorn, snacks, drinks and more.   Please visit for info about allowed vehicle types, safety and more.   See you at the movies!
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