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 Saturday, January 15th
Elks Lodge Hoop Shoot Event
8:30am / St. Columba Catholic School gym
Calling all kids! The Durango Elks Lodge will be hosting it's annual Hoop Shoot Competition on 1/15/22 at St. Columba Catholic School gym! This is a fun event and winners in each category have the chance to go on to compete at the state and national levels! The age categories and contest rules are below. If you would like more information, contact Dewey Waldron at 970-769-8636 or Thank you! CONTEST RULES 1. The 8-9 year old divisions shoot four feet in front of the regulation foul line. 2. The 12-13 year old Boys division shoots with a 29.5" basketball. All other divisions shoot with a 28.5" basketball. 3. All contestants should be given an official opportunity to warm up. Ten minutes is recommended. 4. Each contestant should be given up to five warm-up shots, if desired, before shooting for score. The number of shots for score is left to the discretion of the contest coordinator. However, it is recommended that at least five shots are offered. 5. Contestants cannot make a controlled bounce more than four times. If this happens, the shot is void. 6. After a contestant is handed the ball, s/he has 10 seconds to make a free throw attempt. A free throw begins when the ball is given to the contestant at the free throw line. It ends when the try is successful, when it is certain that the try will be unsuccessful, or when the ball becomes dead. 7. The contestant must stay behind the foul line until the ball has touched the hoop, backboard or net. If the line is touched before this happens, a penalty occurs and the shot is void. 8. Ties will be broken by taking five additional shots in the same shooting order until the winner is determined. AGE REQUIREMENTS 1. The Elks Hoop Shoot is open to all children, ages 8 to 13. The age group is based on the contestant age on April 1, 2022. 2. If the contestant will be age 7 on April 1, 2022, s/he is too young to participate. If the contestant will be age 14 on April 1, 2022, s/he is too old to participate. 3. There are six divisions: 4. Be sure to accurately assign contestants to the correct age group. Winners who do not shoot in their correct age group will be disqualified from participating in the next level of competition. No exceptions. 5. Visit for an Age Group calculator to assign contestants age group. COVID REQUIREMENTS 1. Participants are encouraged to bring their own ball based on size requirements above for their category. 2. Masks will be required. 3. Sanitizer will be provided by the Elks Lodge at the event. 4. Judging and Elk personnel will be required to wear gloves.
Durango Wedding Expo
12:30pm / La Plata County Fairgrounds
Find everything you'll need to plan YOUR perfect wedding day... all in one place... all in one day! Browse breathtaking decor & floral displays, view the hottest party trends of 2022. Sip on mocktails, listen to music & sample decadent treats. Browse gorgeous exhibits, shop for dresses, and find all your wedding day vendors. Join us for one incredible afternoon dedicated to planning your dream wedding!
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