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 Tuesday, September 13th
Twin Buttes Farm Stand
3:00pm / Twin Buttes of Durango
Just above the main entrance to Twin Buttes is our Farm Stand, a mid-June to early October market offering fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, eggs, and sometimes honey, grown or produced by Twin Buttes farmers you'll come to know. We also offer numerous frozen cuts of locally-raised, grass-fed beef.
Tuesday After School Art Grades 2-5
3:30pm / Durango Arts Center
Each session students will discover fun and different mediums and concepts while creating extremely unique art projects.   September is Sculpture month, October - Halloween Extravaganza  November - Drawing and Painting, December - Gift Giving!   The classes offer fun, non competitive opportunities to explore new skills and individual expression.
3rd Annual Men In Heels
5:30pm / Women's Resource Center
The Women's Resource Center will be hosting our 3rd Annual Men In Heels fundraiser! This exciting and competitive relay race on 2nd Avenue puts teams in costumes and high heels to raise funds for the Women's Resource Center and the Gena Rych Scholarship Fund to celebrate her very special life and unique spirit.    Registration is now open for teams who want to test their running abilities in high heels in this fun 4 person relay race. Registration to compete in the event is a minimum of $250 and teams are encouraged to find sponsors cover their fees and raise additional funds. For over 35 years, the Women's Resource Center has been creating personal, social and professional growth opportunities for women and girls in La Plata County while serving some 1,600 individuals annually. Whether you're looking to promote your club, organization or business, Men In Heels is a great event to build team camaraderie and to showcase your business to the community.
LPEA Electric Heating Technology
6:00pm / LPEA Zoom
Come join us on for the latest FREE webinar in our “Electrify and Save” Beneficial Electrification series.    This webinar will give you all the information you need to assess your heating options for the coming winter. Topics include:  • Getting your home ready for a system replacement or addition  • Electric heating options and cost comparisons  • Heat pumps options to replace or supplement your existing system  • Heat pump myths, misinformation, and critical considerations  • How to select a system and find an installation contractor  • Rebates, incentives, and financing   There will be a live Q&A session following the presentation. All registrants will receive a copy of the slide deck and a recording of the webinar for future reference. We hope to see you there!   .
Salsa Dance Lessons
6:00pm / Wild Horse Saloon
Drum Roll... Salsa Classes are back!   Four-week sessions starting on the first Tuesday of each month. We offer Level 1 Brand New, Level 2 Beginner, and Level 3 Intermediate Salsa sessions. Taking all four classes in any given session is the best way to learn, but we do accept single-class drop-ins. Public social dance hour after class!   Tuesday nights. Level 1 - 7:00pm. Level 2 - 7:00pm. Level 3 - 6:00pm. Classes last approximately one hour. From ~ 8pm-9pm we have a public social dance!   Pricing: Entire four-week session - $50/individual - $40/each for couples. Single class drop-in - $15. Payment taken at the door.   Level Descriptions:   Level 1 is for brand-new Salsa dancers. You will learn fundamentals - Salsa musicality, proper frame and connection, the basic step, open and closed partner dance positions, basic left turns, and more. We teach Salsa on 2 (NYC style).   Level 2 is for beginner Salsa dancers with a bit of experience or ones moving up from L1. You will learn more fundamentals plus a little extra! We will continue with musicality exercises, timing, smoothing out the basic step and moves, and will move into cross-body leads, progressive left turns, basic right turns, and simple combos. We teach Salsa on 2 (NYC style).   Level 3 is for intermediate Salsa dancers with a solid grasp of musicality, footwork, cross-body leads, and combination moves. We will work on more complex combos, progressive right turns, slants, stops, copas, and more. We teach Salsa on 2 (NYC style) - but may occasionally throw in some Salsa on 1 (LA style).
Tuesday Nights Figure Drawing
6:00pm / Durango Arts Center
Figure drawing is the practice of drawing a live model in different poses. It trains your eye to see things that photographs just can't capture.   This makes you more perceptive in all of your work—   The biggest reason to practice with the human figure is because it has so much to offer. Mastering the figure is about more than just shapes and muscles and bones.
Durango Elks Lodge Pub Trivia
6:30pm / BPOE 507 Durango Elks Lodge
Quiz Night, Trivia Night, Pub Trivia, whatever you want to call it. Test your knowledge at the Durango Elks lodge.   Charity event! All proceeds go to building physically challenged access to our wonder historic building.    Non members welcome!
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