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 Wednesday, March 22nd
Envisioning a Changing DurangoScape
8:00am / Durango Botanic Gardens
An on-line and in-person event demonstrating how your own yard, garden, and landscapes can change to adapt to or even to mitigate changing climate conditions. March 1-31 view 8 recorded presentations by leading horticultural experts. On March 16 listen to Colorado's most prominent horticulturist, Panayoti Kelaidis, director of outreach and senior curator of Denver Botanic Gardens present "Rethinking the Durangoscape: What will it take to honor our setting?"   Check out the unique website at for more information on the speakers. Tickets available on-line NOW!
Board of County Commissioners - Board Discussion Time
8:30am / Virtually and over the phone by Zoom
Participate on Zoom as follows:   Online (computer or smartphone):    Or by telephone:  Dial (if the first number is busy, try another number):  US: +1 346 248 7799 +1 669 900 9128 +1 312 626 6799 +1 646 558 8656 +1 253 215 8782 +1 301 715 8592
Cascade Canyon Winter Train
9:00am / Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
Departing from the Durango Depot, this excursion takes you up into the Rocky Mountains with incredible views of the San Juan National Forest as you travel alongside the beautiful Animas River while relaxing in heated coaches. Cascade Canyon is a destination like no other and is the perfect setting for a fire-side lunch, photo opportunities or a walk along the Animas River during your 60-minute layover. Spanning 26 miles each way, this 5.25 hour round trip experience is offered on select dates from November 19 through May 5. We recommend reserving your trip in advance online so that you have the best chance of securing your preferred seating.
Gentle Hatha Yoga with modifications
9:00am / Florida Grange
Come join us for 50+ Yoga with Chair Assist at our neighborhood Florida Mesa Grange! Participants develop a sense of community by practicing together!   The class will be every Wednesday at 9 a.m. The class will be for men and women in mid-life who are active and in reasonable good health. Beginners are welcome. We will focus on stretching, strengthening and balance along with warm-ups, sun salutations and yoga poses.   Cost: $65.00 for 10 punch pass; $9.00 drop-in  Bring your yoga mat, if available two blocks and two blankets.
Yang Style Tai Chi
9:30am / Durango Senior Center
Originating in ancient China, tai chi is an effective exercise for health of the mind and body. Although an art with great depth of knowledge and skill, it can be easy to learn and its health benefits can soon be realized. For many, it continues as a life long journey.   Yang Style is one of the five main styles of Tai Chi and the most well known in the U.S.. In this class we will introduce and practice the basic principles that make Tai Chi so unique and beneficial. We will learn the movements of the 24 short form. This practice has been known to help improve balance, strength, coordination and flexibility.    Denise Lane is a certified Tai Chi instructor. She has been practicing Tai Chi for many years and teaching it since the late 1990's.
Art and Craft after school classes for teens and tweens
4:00pm / Artsy Crafty Studio
Exciting new after school classes fir teens and tweens!
Develop Your Psychic and Intuitive Abilities
5:30pm / Body and Soul Healing
This fun 5 week class (a psychic skills celebration!) includes techniques and practice with Remote Viewing (recieving impressions about a distant or unseen location), Psychometry (reading the energy of sentimental objects), Telepathy (sending and receiving throughts), Aura Reading (you'll read each other's aura), Mediumship (talking to loved ones and Spiritual Guides on the other side) and a Group Past Life Regression where you'll experience a previous lifetime and gain valuable insight to help you in your life now.    We'll use "intuitive play" exercises to access and explore all these areas. This is a great sampler where you will develop a variety of intutive and psychic skills in a fun and natural way.    Class is held locally in Durango and for those in other places through zoom. If you're interested in doing this class long distance, you'll need 2 people at your location to participate. Let me know if you're interested in this option and we'll talk in advance about how it will work.    Class cost is $150 for the 5-week class.
Balancing the Life: 6 Week of Mindful Living
5:30pm / Myah Mindfulness
Do you wish to explore your typical and habitual responses to the difficulties of life and to cultivate resources in order to become a warm and supportive friend to yourself? Join us to learn how to reduce stress and anxiety and feel emotionally centered, and to become more resilient to life challenges.    Cost: Sliding Scale - $150 - $250
Karaoke Roulette
8:00pm / Starlight Lounge
Sing a song get a free shot!
Geeks Who Drink
8:00pm / The Roost
Think its just trivia? Think again!
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