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 Monday, March 6th
Envisioning a Changing DurangoScape
8:00am / Durango Botanic Gardens
An on-line and in-person event demonstrating how your own yard, garden, and landscapes can change to adapt to or even to mitigate changing climate conditions. March 1-31 view 8 recorded presentations by leading horticultural experts. On March 16 listen to Colorado's most prominent horticulturist, Panayoti Kelaidis, director of outreach and senior curator of Denver Botanic Gardens present "Rethinking the Durangoscape: What will it take to honor our setting?"   Check out the unique website at for more information on the speakers. Tickets available on-line NOW!
Cutest Kids Contest
8:00am / Allison Ragsdale Photography
Please join us for the 17th annual Cutest Kids Contest! $40 entry fee includes a 15 minute session (March 1-11, 2023) in Allison Ragsdale Photography's one-of-a-kind "Daydreamer" studio set and a $50 credit toward ordering portraits and entry into the contest to win up to $1500 toward a portrait session of your choice!    Sign up at
Cascade Canyon Winter Train
9:00am / Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
Departing from the Durango Depot, this excursion takes you up into the Rocky Mountains with incredible views of the San Juan National Forest as you travel alongside the beautiful Animas River while relaxing in heated coaches. Cascade Canyon is a destination like no other and is the perfect setting for a fire-side lunch, photo opportunities or a walk along the Animas River during your 60-minute layover. Spanning 26 miles each way, this 5.25 hour round trip experience is offered on select dates from November 19 through May 5. We recommend reserving your trip in advance online so that you have the best chance of securing your preferred seating.
Register! 2023 San Juan Resilience Youth Summit is Here
9:00am / Fort Lewis College in the Ballroom
Instead of college students, on March 8th from 8:45AM-1:45PM in the Ballroom of Fort Lewis College, middle and high school students will be running their own science conference called the San Juan Resilience Youth Summit. This entirely youth led event highlights and supports regional science research and is supported by the placed-based, environmental nonprofit, Mountain Studies Institute.   First started in 2019, the San Juan Resilience Youth Summit (SJRYS) is modeled after professional scientific research summits and geared specifically for middle and high school students in San Juan Mountain communities. It is a free, "science fair-like" conversational gathering for students to come together and share their projects on any environmental topic that they choose to investigate. Students are provided an opportunity to share their work with, and learn from, an authentic audience of peers, natural resource professionals, and community leaders.    In 2022, the Summit had a smashing success with 122 people, which includes teachers and volunteers. This year, MSI expects a similar turnout. There's still room for contributions from interested students, whether that be formal presentations, posters, discussions, activities, or any other creative idea. MSI encourages students to use their imagination in how they present their work. The deadline for proposals and registration is March 2nd.   Brookelynn Pitsch is the student facilitator liaison for the 2023 SJRYS and is available to support students and teachers who are interested in attending.    Visit for registration and tools to aid brainstorming for project options and style guidelines. If you're not in middle school or high school and still want to get involved, MSI is actively looking for volunteers. Please reach out to Brooke at
Monday Middle/High School After School Art
4:00pm / Durango Arts Center
Each session students will discover fun and different mediums and concepts while creating extremely unique art projects! Classes offer fun, non competitive opportunities to explore new skills and individual expression. For questions, please email Deena Carney, Director of Art and Education at Scholarships are available. $225 for 10 Classes.
Art and Craft for Teens and Tweens
4:00pm / Artsy Crafty Studio
Exciting new after school classes fir teens and tweens!
Intro to Aikido 4-Week Series
6:00pm / DSBK Dojo
Aikido? Ai means harmony. Ki means energy. Do is the way. Thus, ai-ki-do is the way we harmonize energy. Aikido is a Japanese martial art with a do-no-harm approach to self-defense. A 2017 compilation of academic research on aikido found that people derive many physical and psychological benefits from this martial art. Better balance, more flexibility, boosted confidence, greater mindfulness, and reduced anxiety are some of the reported findings. Would you like to welcome these qualities into your life?    Register the 4-week Intro Series. Visit our website for full details.
Chess Club
6:30pm / Guild House Games, Main St. Mall
Come play some chess! Every Monday night 6:30-9 p.m. upstairs in the Durango mall on Main St.    Free!  Drop in! 
Comedy Showcase
7:30pm / Starlight Lounge
Local and National comics perform every Monday!
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