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 Monday, September 25th
Silverton Summer Train - Steam Locomotive
9:00am / Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
For a truly unforgettable step back in time, enjoy a leisurely trip to yesteryear riding 3 1/2 hours each way on this train while spending a nearly 2-hour layover in the historic mining town of Silverton to enjoy the sights, shopping, food, and libations that Silverton offers. Departing from the Durango Depot, this trip takes you up into the Rocky Mountains with views of the San Juan National Forest as you travel alongside the beautiful Animas River on your way to the historic mining town of Silverton. There will be up to three steam departures depending on the date. The Silverton Steam Train departs daily at 9:00AM 5/6/23-10/28/23, 8:15AM 8/14/23-10/14/23, and 9:45AM 9/1/23-10/14/23
Register! Art Warriors
9:30am / Seed Studio
Join Seed Studio and Durango Aikido for this free kids' event! When fine art and martial arts combine, kids train their whole beings -- mind, body, and heart!   The Samurai class of medieval Japan believed that the best training served a person's whole being. A typical warrior studied martial arts and weapons, as well as poetry, painting, fine arts, history, philosophy, and so much more. When combined, these disciplines train us to focus, breathe, and be present. They promote the health and well-being of our whole selves.   Kids ages 8 and up are invited to experience the benefits of training their minds, bodies, and hearts at this one-day workshop combining the fine arts with martial arts.
Register! Kids Aikido
11:00am / DSBK Dojo
Kids ages 8 and up will learn a nonviolent approach to dealing with conflicts and bullying. They will practice fundamental movements, exercises, and Aikido techniques. Throughout the series, kids will get to experience what it feels like to blend with an attack or a problem in order to move skillfully and resolve the issue. Participants will also develop mindfulness habits through meditative breathing practice. They will learn how to handle the bokken (sword) and jo (short staff) to improve their physical coordination. Expect plenty of fun games, too.   When kids train in Aikido, they come away with greater confidence, balance, coordination, and focus.
Cats Meow Immersive Durango Scavenger Hunt
11:30am / Train Depot
Step into Durango, where something exciting awaits. Tara, your scavenger hunt game show host, will curate a unique adventure. Embark on an extraordinary journey with a twist! This is not your typical scavenger hunt; it's a creative and immersive departure from the ordinary. Come with an open mind, a big smile, and leave all expectations behind. Unleash your inner detective as you delve into the heart of Durango. Engage with friendly locals, discover intriguing tales of history and culture & capture the essence of the city in photos, videos & audio files. Whether you're a couple or part of a large group, this game is for everyone. Young or old, explorer or artist, it's designed to inspire & entertain all who love to discover and create. This is a perfect chance to connect with your teammates in a fun and light-hearted way. Let your imagination run wild, as you team up to unravel the missions. It's a co-creation between you and your interactive host,Durango itself & you, the hunters, making the experience truly unique. Experience this captivating way to explore a new place. The hunt is on, and adventure awaits you!   Team leader need Whats App on their phone for our game design. Tickets are $35 per person and can be purchased on the linked website.
City Hall Tour with the Young Professionals of Durango
5:30pm / Durango City Hall
Tour the Durango City Hall with the mayor of Durango and learn about the function of the City, civic terms, and how to get involved in the things that impact young professionals in our community. YPOD members attend free, non-members $5.
Mud-Day Madness
6:00pm / Durango Arts Center
Mondays will become your favorite day of the week (Yes, you did read that right)! In this fun-filled muddy class, students will focus on two modes of creating functional ware and sculpture, through hand building and wheel throwing. Learn the entire clay process and see what it takes to become a successful potter, with two amazing instructors by your side in a non-judgemental, artistic environment.   *Space is limited to accommodate a small student to teacher ratio. For questions or concerns, please contact Ben Dukeminier at
Chess Club
6:30pm / Guild House Games
Come play some chess! Every Monday night 6:30-9 p.m. upstairs in the Durango mall on Main St.   Free!  Drop in! 
Comedy Showcase
7:30pm / Starlight Lounge
Local and National comics perform every Monday!
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