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 Thursday, January 19th
Purgatory Classic Ski Team Race
9:00am / Purgatory Resort
Come watch some impressive skiing during this 5-day USSA Super G and Giant Slalom race event.   Wednesday is a training day and "Flight School" with Super G training runs on Upper Hades and "flight training" on Pandemonium.   Thursday is the official sanctioned Super G training day.   Saturday and Sunday are the Giant Slalom race days. This event is open to registered USSA competitors of all ages.   These races are great for spectating and allow ample opportunity to watch the competition unfold.
Grief Support Group (loss of spouse)
10:00am / Durango Senior Center
"Grief is not a problem to be solved; it's an experience to be carried." For those in a season of grief the following open meetings are available in the Durango community to support you in building a life alongside your loss. Meetings are peer-based, facilitated by a certified Grief Companion.   Sponsored by Open Heart Grief Counseling
Improve Your Handwriting!
2:00pm / The ArtRoom at the Smiley
Want to improve your handwriting in a fun atmosphere?? You will get to apply what you learn immediately and will walk away with lettering styles that will last you a lifetime!   Adults only class.   Session 1: How To Write Like An Architect  Many architects and map makers need to write neat and quickly to accompany their designs. You will learn the attributes, variations and how to make this style your own—to be used for any occasion.   Session 2: Italic Script  Italic is not just a variation of a font, it's a hand or lettering style that was designed to be readable, to write rhythmically to support writing with speed, and the best part is that it has so many variations. We will start by using monoline tools with and without connections so you can choose if you want to write Italic as print or script. Once you know this lettering style, you can apply it as a foundation for brushlettering and more.   Session 3: Scale Up and Scale Down  Writing big can be fun! Writing small may be out of preference or necessity. We will scale our letters up and down using the right tool for the job. You will learn Thick/Thin Script to use on posters, banners or wall work. And Roman Hand at a very small scale (think .3mm) to serve as a skeleton lettering style for legibility and other lettering styles.   Each session comes with an accompanying video that you will receive at the conclusion of the course so that the learning can continue. You will also leave each session with handouts, mark making tools you get to keep, and an exemplar of your own to build from.
The Southwest Fiber Alliance Community Meeting
5:00pm / Smiley Cafe
Come join us to talk about fiber, work on a craft project of your choosing, and meet fellow fiber aficionados! The Southwest Fiber Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to connect the fiber community in our region.
Live Music
5:30pm / The Office Spiritorium
At the historic Strater hotel!
Live Music
5:30pm / Diamond Belle
Grab a drink, enjoy some food while listening to live music!
Magical Art and Happiness
6:00pm / Durango Arts Center
A skill-building 6-week art introduction workshop for anyone who needs to leave their mental stress and anxiety behind. Progressive genre introductions of drawing in pencil, pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic paints and ceramic clay. Different skill-building lessons each workshop. Leave your mental stress and anxiety behind and get lost in various arts! $200 fee for all 6 classes!
Kim Richey
7:30pm / The Smiley Cafe
A Grammy nominated singer/songwriter with a penchant for earthbound lyrics and soaring melodies.   The Smiley Cafe offers a small, intimate experience for an audience of 50 - creating the perfect "listening room" venue. Beer, wine, and spirits along with special coffees will be available for sale throughout the evening.
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