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 Sunday, November 12th
Fringe Bead Earring Making with Ani Silversprings
1:00pm / Durango Sustainable Goods
Have you ever wanted to learn to make fringe bead earrings? Do you like to use your hands, learn something new and commune with a group of people in a safe space? Come weave magic with Ani! She'll be taking you through the art of making seed bead fringe earrings, step-by-step, providing you with all of the materials you'll need to make your own pair that you can leave with at the end of the workshop! Bead weaving and stringing is a meditative, sweet, connecting experience. Together you'll laugh, chat and enjoy the learning process in a relaxed and casual space inside Durango Sustainable Goods's beautiful shop surrounded by plants and good vibes. Ani Silversprings is the owner of Lotus Vibe Creations where she weaves one-of-a-kind seed bead fringe earrings for all people yearning to express their version of flowing femininity. The act of adorning oneself can be a sacred, sweet, spiritual act. Ani believes that giving the gift of adornment to both self and those you love can infuse and radiate love, connection and joyful, flowing energy. The name, Lotus Vibes, comes from the vibration of the lotus flower blooming from the mud of the earth, opening up into a strong, beautiful flower. According to Ani, "we're all blossoms of strength and radiance. Bring a friend and do something special together!   $65.00
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